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A 'Big Wreck' at Casino Regina

On Thursday November 23rd Big Wreck took the stage in Regina, Saskatchewan. It's always an absolute treat getting to attend a show at Casino Regina - especially a rock show. The sound is always phenomenal, the crowd is full & everyone enjoys a great show night. With Texas King & Daniel Greaves of The Watchmen opening, this night was set for success.

Now I'll be completely honest to start us all off at the right foot - I have always known the name 'Big Wreck' but actually cannot recall a song of theirs. With that being said, I am so happy to have experienced them for the first time in a live setting. There's something about 'the first time' haha - jokes aside I really did find myself fully engulfed in this performance. Guitarist/Frontman - Ian Thornley - went from southern-rock-esque slide guitar, to heavy hitting metal tones, to wet & delayed psychedelic-esque tones. A man that can do it all!

My favourite moment had to be an extended, hypnotizing intro to what I learnt later was one of their older, bigger songs by the name of 'Albatross'. Something I adore at shows is the memory in my head of being totally captivated by someone in their creative outlet.

Another key moment for me was hearing 'In Fair Light' off of their newest studio album 'Pages'. This song featured the wet & delayed guitar tones I mentioned. Let that delay ring, let the crowd get lost & let the music breathe. There is a time to bring a fast-paced powerful riff and there is a time for letting the music carry through the air. This song does both. Nothing needs to be stagnant or predictable to be cohesive & thought-provoking. That is art.

Would I go to another Big Wreck show? Uh - without a doubt yes & I'll definitely be crushing the 'Pages' album in the coming weeks!

Featured below are photos of Big Wreck, Texas King and Daniel Greaves of The Watchmen by Nikki That Rocktographer

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