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The Dirtiest of All Gardens

Throwing it back to a fun night at Regina, SK venue 'Cloud 9' in April 2022. This was a hired night for me, but it was too much d@mn fun of a set to not bring it back on this publication!

Saskatoon, SK based band 'Dirty Garden' has to be one of the absolute hardest bands I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my life. The band is a three piece that hammers out hard-hitting, no-bullsh!t Rock N' Roll featuring staple hits like 'Donna Do Ya Wanna' and 'Rock N Roll Devil'.

There's nothing that tickles me more than when a band steps on stage, has nothing in sight for water, beer, etc... until a full bottle of Jack Daniel's comes out and the band shares out of the bottle. If that doesn't let a crowd know that your band is hard as f$ck - not really sure what else will.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on some absolute legends - Dirty Garden.

Photos by Nikki That Rocktographer

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