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'Give It Some Glory'

Kingston's own - The Glorious Sons blew Rockin The Fields of Minnedosa out of the PARK this summer in Minnedosa, MB. This year has brought many changes for the band. Including this being the last show that I seen of The Sons with guitarist Chris Koster as well as a new album by the name of 'Glory'.

Glory as an entirety peers into the more intimate inner workings of the artists minds, as well as strips back the fast-paced anthems that we usually hear from The Sons. The album still showcases anthems to sing along to, a generally upbeat tonality and sounds perfectly full but gives a more mature feel that grounds you to your soul. Tethers you to your roots. There is a tremendous amount of beauty in giving the lyrics space to hold emotional value - which the album does. Truly powerful.

These fellas always clean up in a night, they have every single crowd member singing along. It's always rad to see the crowd in 2023 still reaching and pushing forward in the pit to touch their favourite artists. Talk about a rock revival!

The band is set to hit Canada in the coming weeks on their Glory Tour with guests The Bluestones and/or The Velveteers and if I know anything about TGS and Regina, it shall be a show to remember.

Photos by Nikki That Rocktographer

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