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The Sheepdogs are 'Feelin Good' in Minnedosa

Time to take the crowd back to a smooth, groovin' & warmer feeling time.

Saskatoon, SK rooted band 'The Sheepdogs' take the stage in Minnedosa, MB for the annual 'Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa' festival on August 5th, 2023. These fellas absolutely hit the nail on the head with their dual-guitar, three-part harmonies and welcoming lyrical messages that make every crowd members body sway.

It's beyond clear this group is no stranger to the stage, it's a home for them. Their mature yet engaging stage presence keeps you on your toes, but gives you time to just take it all in. Their personal, intimate interactions between members showcases a true togetherness and pure cohesiveness. The harmonies between guitars, vocals, etc. gives a full sounding satisfying listen.

If 70's groove-rock mixed with a southern rock charm is your vibe, this band is for you. Actually - even if you aren't an avid listener of that genre or era, this band is still for you. This is some true feel-good connecting art.

Photo set featured below (credit to Nikki That Rocktographer).

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