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A Rock N Roll ‘Revival’

On September 14th Regina, SK band 'Dead Levee' hit the stage at the locally famous Revival Music Room on Dewdney Avenue.

This remarkable night of music was night one of their single release tour where the band showcased a brand new single 'Love & Misery'. A song that tells a tale of a relationship so toxic, yet you can't get enough of what happens between the sheets. Which I'm sure reeks of painful relatability to even the best of us.

With the strong dual guitar personalities, the growling vocals and cheeky drum parts, this song is set for success and will have your head bobbing in seconds. You can feel every members individual personalities through this song and the more you listen to each instrument specifically, the better it gets.

Whether your jam is a slide guitar, a wah pedal, a growling vocalist or a thumping rhythm section, this song is for you. A modern, passionate and upcoming band that gives you all the 70's rock/punk nostalgia you're craving. Go check out Dead Levee today on any streaming services you partake on & give Love & Misery a spin today!

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